About Us

Lavishly was founded in 2021 with the goal of providing consumers with a luxurious option with a focus on sustainability and reducing plastic waste.  Sustainable, luxurious living!

Our ingredients are selected with a primary focus on effectiveness.  We want our products to deliver an exceptional experience with the highest levels of effectiveness possible.  We do not want to compromise on performance!  Then, we identify how to source ingredients in a sustainable way. Many ingredients can be sourced from suppliers that offer responsibly sourced palm oil and other ingredients. While keeping the cost of ingredients low is important, it is secondary to finding sources that have a lower impact on the world and society.

Lavishly also works to reduce and minimize packaging.  However, zero packaging is not necessarily the best option.  For this reason, we use biodegradable films for shrink wrapped items, as well as compostable plant based "plastic" packaging when needed.  Formulating items into solid form that do not need a plastic or glass container is preferred.  However, when a container is necessary, tins are preferred!  Aluminum is infinitely recyclable!  It is accepted for recycling virtually everywhere, and is light - so less carbon intensive to ship!

We hope our family owned, small business will help you make small changes to your everyday living with products that exceed your expectations, and help you make a positive impact on the planet and our global community.